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We are professional Zoho consultants and serving people worldwide. Our professional team is highly qualified and has a strong command on integration, customization and development service. We also offer Zoho Sheet Consultants and Training services. So if you are looking to get the best service, then we stand ahead of all software developers.

What is Zoho Sheets?

It is a part of Zoho Docs suite, a group of cloud-based office applications. Sheets, is accessible as the browser-based application, but you can also sync account to your computer that allows you to work offline on your files, then upload new version when you get back online.


It is a famous spreadsheet application that is developed for the collaboration as well as useable with cloud. With the login information, you can access worksheets anytime anywhere while having an internet connection. Furthermore, you can also share files and can work on them effortlessly. It is one of the best spreadsheet programs which have supplies for the concurrent teamwork. This means that now more than one individual with authority can be making changes and a document that completely visible to all else in a tear second.

It is compatible with XLSX and XLS files, along with several formats, including ODS and CSV. However, it’s compatible with Excel generally, you can also find that particularly complex or large sheets don’t turn into perfectly, and some advanced formulas as well as functions might not transition. For more flexibility, it integrates with services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Moreover, there is an ever-expanding collection of add-ons to enhance the breadth of the spreadsheet app, but all of them are not free. Many Zoho Sheets templates are available, plus with a variety of chart as well as graph types to select from. You can add graphics, animations and images to your worksheets. Zoho Sheets supports the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as well as lets you record, save and run the custom macros. Though, the file size in online version is limited to around 10MB.

The Cost

The pricing is scalable accordingly to the business needs, but there is also a free choice is available for persons of midsize and small teams. For more storage per user, a higher level of reporting, security, capabilities, exceptional admin control analytics as well as better collaboration features, you can choose user/monthly subscription. The customer support is also accessible by email and telephone, along with the plenty of

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