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techloyce-logo-ongTechloyce is providing CRM services, ERP implementation and Business Intelligence software solutions to our clients worldwide, enabling them to deliver real tangible benefits to their own organization and their customers.

Techloyce is a global leader in custom CRM Development, Migration, Integration, and CRM training. Our knowledge runs across all aspects of CRM, ERP implementation that has enabled us in deploying 100+ successful CRM solutions for diverse industries. With the help of our vast pool of certified professionals, we have successfully solved the CRM challenges of top clients across the globe.

Techloyce CRM Consulting Services are designed to empower your users, ensuring successful adoption of your new solution or system whilst responding to and resolving any technical issues you may experience. We have dedicated teams supporting each of our solution areas of CRM, Business Intelligence and mobility. All our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the products they are managing.


Customize CRM in Finance & accounting, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), events, blogs, project management, warehouse management, financial management, website building and maintenance, eCommerce, human resources and much more.


Our expertise enables you to import volumes of data from existing Odoo ERP data sources like Sage, ACT, Goldmine, Vtiger, and Excel Spreadsheets into the Odoo ERP.


Custom integrate CRM with your legacy tools, Content Management System (CMS), Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), Accounting applications, and more to enhance the capability of your CRM system and accomplish your business goals in real-time.


We offer CRM Training Courses, oriented towards end users, managers, administrators. Techloyce has delivered 100+ CRM trainings to diverse industries.


solutions_img   Solutions  We can customize the CRM system in accordance to your business needs. For example:

  • Sales &Distribution Management: Generate schedules for your sales team to follow up prospects and appraisals until the deals are closed.
  • Organizational Management: Upload new products or make product changes without having to rely on administrative staff.
  • Integration of Multiple Processes: Streamline, standardize, consolidate and unify data from various departments/units (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance etc.) as a single-source management solution.
  • Inventory Management: Achieve seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities in a single application.
  • Contract Management: Generate contracts and track contract dates (deposit, finance, settlement dates etc.).
  • Marketing Campaigns: Generate marketing campaigns to different groups of clients through multiple mediums – letters, emails and SMS.
  • Business Process Management and Workflow Suite (BPM): Offer business process modeling, process automation, flowcharts and workflows.
  • Mobile Functionality: keep employees up to date with customers and increases transparency within an organization.
  • Live chatting: Take your user experience to the next level and create a new foundation of service.

And many more! All of the above tasks are some examples, which can be done with a few clicks of a button. With the support of our software solutions, your company can optimize each interaction with fast decision-making, dynamic processes and advanced analytics. Our experts provide the best customer services and will strive hard to fulfill your business needs within affordable and competitive rates.

Get in touch with our team and request a one-on-one meeting to get all of your questions answered.

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For Sales and Support enquiries please contact us : sales@techloyce.com and then we'll contact you directly.

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