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22 February 2017
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Erpnext software consultants for business

Erpnext business system solution, and some of the useful things that you can start doing with it .


This is, what it does, and why it is so different, and disruptive. Until recently, there was no simple to use, inexpensive, and comprehensive integrated system for small businesses. Erpnext customization fits into the tier between entry level, and mid/high level. There are lots of simple entry level systems out there that usually only handle accounting functions like Quickbooks or Sage Simply accounting. From that level, it’s a big jump to complex, and expensive mid level systems like Netsuite or Odoo, or the traditional/proprietary in-house ERP systems like MS Dynamics, or Sage 300, or hundreds of other based on traditional/proprietary models that make them very expensive, and difficult to implement. The bigger packages require a much larger commitment in terms of resources, and are really overkill for many small businesses, (or under kill in the case of entry level).

Professional ERP Implementation services

has a simple business model. They derive all their revenue from hosting, and services. Their pricing is clear, and very reasonable. They are the only ones who have taken this approach in the small business ERP space. This leads to a simpler and more cost effective solution. Nothing is hidden, and no big surprises. No limits if you install on your own system, which is documented, and not difficult.

How you want to deploy – in the cloud or in-house, or virtual server, or move from one to the other. It’s also flexible in terms of being able to make modifications. Many changes can be made by users themselves like adding or hiding fields, simple reports, or customizing print forms. The system is pretty easy to use, but there is always a bit of a learning curve when you first start with a new system. Once you learn how to get around, you will keep discovering new and valuable things that you can do with the system.

The System is surprisingly comprehensive – Lots of features that you don’t see in most small business  systems, like integrated web content management, B2C shopping carts, B2B portals, customer service, integrated email threads, workflow for approvals and automation, email alerts,  in addition to lots of other features. Good security, multi-company, and multi-language support are all included. Some of the partners have developed versions for specific vertical markets, like schools or hospitals or property management for example, in addition to the more common distribution, manufacturing and service industries. There are also many add-ons which are being developed. (like Quickbooks integration for example, if you would rather use a localized accounting solution together with Erpnext developer, or use the internal accounting). You have lots of choices.

That’s really important if you are going to be using it to run your business and rely on for financial results.It’s important to understand your needs, do good testing and gap analysis. Take advantage of the openness of the system and do a good evaluation. ERPnext developer & ERP consultant take it to the next level. The system is able to scale, and grow with you.

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